For those clients who require, first and foremost, security in translation, the right solution is to make use of the “Revised and ISO Certified Translation” service. In this type of service, proofreading is a key element to ensure that best practices have been adopted in the translation process to minimize translation errors and provide the client with the confidence that the text is transposed perfectly, in terms of content and message.

In Rapitrad, it is universally recognized that in many texts-technical manuals, business contracts, company financial statements, data sheets, policy documents,…-even a single wrong word can mystify meaning and cause extensive damage. That is why our translations are done by native translators and reviewed by a specialized and certified proofreader and a second specialized and certified proofreader, in accordance with the ISO 17100.
For Rapitrad quality is also synonymous with security!


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We have been providing translation and language services for over 30 years, but above all, we are committed to understanding and satisfying our customers’ needs. Requesting a customized quote is very easy. Simply contact us by phone, via Whatsapp or fill in the form on the website. Qui non ci sono i link che rimandano ai vari contatti. Il cliente non ha tempo di leggere qui per poi andarsi a cercare i contatti in giro per il sito. We will get back to you quickly and efficiently!


Thanks to a network of certified mother-tongue professionals, Rapitrad is able to guarantee a service suitable for customers who require, first and foremost, translation security, i.e. the certainty that the text will be translated without error.


Rapitrad uses professional mother-tongue translators specialized in the subject matter to be translated and guarantees the customer the same translator for the entire job in order to preserve consistency as regards terminology and style.