Translation Academy

Rapitrad Translation Academy is a bastion in professional training for translators, offering a wide range of courses designed to meet every need of those working in the world of translation.

  • Translation courses: these courses lay the essential foundation for those wishing to delve into the world of translation, covering fundamental techniques and linguistic nuances.
  • Courses to become a translator: ideal for those who are just starting out and wish to launch a career as a translator, providing a comprehensive overview of the field.
  • Language courses: beyond simple translation, it is essential to have a deep command of the language, and these courses are designed to sharpen language skills. The courses are for tomorrow’s translators but also for private clients, entrepreneurs and employees.
  • Master of Translation: an advanced program that delves into every aspect of translation, preparing participants to excel in the field.
  • CAT Tool Usage Courses: in a digital world, mastery of CAT tools is crucial, and these courses provide hands-on training in these essential software tools.
  • Accounting courses for translators: designed to help freelance translators better manage their businesses, they offer specific financial and accounting skills.
  • Marketing courses for translators: being a good translator is not enough; knowing how to sell your services is essential. These courses offer the strategies needed to get noticed in the marketplace.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) courses specifically for translators: these courses combine language skills and NLP techniques, helping translators improve their communication skills and better understand their clients.
  • Personalized Translator Coaching: Every translator has unique needs, and through personalized coaching, Rapitrad Academy offers individual attention, ensuring targeted professional development.
  • Courses in resolving disputes with clients and co-workers: every professional could face challenges in working relationships. These courses equip translators with the tools they need to effectively manage and resolve all types of disputes.

As a whole, Rapitrad Translation Academy represents an institution that covers every aspect of a translator’s career, ensuring a comprehensive and cutting-edge education.

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We have been providing translation and language services for over 30 years, but above all, we are committed to understanding and satisfying our customers’ needs. Requesting a customized quote is very easy. Simply contact us by phone, via Whatsapp or fill in the form on the website. Qui non ci sono i link che rimandano ai vari contatti. Il cliente non ha tempo di leggere qui per poi andarsi a cercare i contatti in giro per il sito. We will get back to you quickly and efficiently!


Thanks to a network of certified mother-tongue professionals, Rapitrad is able to guarantee a service suitable for customers who require, first and foremost, translation security, i.e. the certainty that the text will be translated without error.


Rapitrad uses professional mother-tongue translators specialized in the subject matter to be translated and guarantees the customer the same translator for the entire job in order to preserve consistency as regards terminology and style.