and Technology

New technologies have brought about major structural changes at all levels of our daily lives, including the translation sector. Technology can offer many benefits to translation, both to translation professionals and clients, as long as it is understood and used in the right way.

Quality control

Rapitrad uses state-of-the-art technological tools in its daily operations to create efficiency to its internal processes and make them more effective for its market; therefore, it has equipped itself over the years with sophisticated translation technologies, without ever replacing the irreplaceable human input.

To ensure a quality, certified and error-free “product,” it is necessary to use specialized, native-speaking translators and linguists. Machine translation (MT) uses technology without human intervention.

Next to technology, only a “human” translator can grasp the nuances and idioms and can read “between the lines” understanding the real meaning of the text. Most important is the context in which a text is placed, or even more so the localization: when translating content from one language to another, the text will inevitably be destined for a different country than that of the source document; different countries correspond to different cultures.

The machine does not review or post-edit the translation. For Rapitrad, this is a focal point of its service: one of our experienced translators, who specializes in the document’s field, reworks the translation and verifies the document. Finally, a second person reviews the translated text and performs quality control: once the translation is typeset, the final layout is checked. In special cases, revision by a third professional may be requested by the client.


Speed is an indispensable asset in our daily operations. In an increasingly interconnected and fast-paced world, Rapitrad is the right partner for quick and last-minute service without sacrificing quality and personalized service. Whether it’s a metalworking company or a restaurant! This is the secret of our customer loyalty.

For Rapitrad to have a lean and effective production in line with the Lean philosophy has always been a mustas is the Genba, which at Rapitrad is subject to a continuous improvement process-the Kaizen: our ideas for improvement do not collide or break against the obstacles posed by the concrete stages of work and the organization of the work environment itself. Genba Kaizen allows us to develop targeted solutions, guided by experience but also by direct knowledge of the specifics of our company and our client companies. This is Rapitrad!

Rapitrad meets deadlines because it respects its customers. Today’s just in time market is increasingly being just in sequence, and for Rapitrad, the strategy applied in its daily operations is always aimed at adherence to timelines and speed, and also and especially in the right sequence, according to the customer’s requirements and expectations.

For Rapitrad, the customer is always at the center of its world. Our customers’ needs, both technical and economic, are analyzed very carefully to propose the best solution, guaranteeing customer satisfaction that has rewarded Rapitrad for years. The Rapitrad customer concretely perceives the “quality mix” of our service.

At Rapitrad, respect for the client also means transparency in our commercial offerings. Our clients benefit from personalized, clear and immediate rates for translation services. No hidden costs, no surprises for the Client who relies on Rapitrad!

Rapitrad has been in the market for over 30 years; it has been in the translation market with passion and dedication since 1990. Over the years, Rapitrad has gained important market shares, establishing itself through recognition of its work and high customer loyalty. Rapitrad counts among its clients prestigious industrial groups, in a wide range of market sectors, professionals, associations and public bodies. Our commitment is aimed at total satisfaction of our Client, always!