Rapitrad revamps its online presence and image

Website restyling and social networks

Rapitrad‘s new website is online, with improved navigability, content effectiveness and, why not, more appealing graphics. We have chosen a simple design, with bright colors, to accompany our surfers during their browsing experience, making it more practical, simple and fast.

The user-friendly navigation menu has been enriched with content. The section dedicated to Services-referred to and easily understood already from the home page-allows the surfer to easily understand for each area of intervention the many services and areas of action in which Rapitrad and its staff are able to bring their quality contribution.

The new website is adaptive, that is, optimized for navigation from desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. The structure of the different pages is clear and allows users to quickly access the entire Rapitrad world; “The presentation of services and news is a fundamental factor of the offer on the web, the main areas are organized according to the rules of web usability and are therefore easy, of immediate access and focused on the multiple needs of customers,” says Dr. Mirko Silvestrini, CEO of Rapitrad and continues, “For us it is important that information about solutions and services is easily accessible to our customers, present and future. We do our best to provide our customers with accurate and up-to-date information and we want to share our knowledge and experience with our market, which has been placing trust in us for years.”

Rapitrad has also intensified its presence on social networks, flanking its already established profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn-with revamped graphics and in synergy with the company’s communication strategy- with a profile on X (formerly Twitter).

Rapitrad’s marketing team worked diligently to carry out the redesign of the website, creating useful information and resources for Internet users. Mirko Silvestrini “We are proud to be a significant and growing company in the field of translation and language services. Over the years we have remained true to what we believe to be Rapitrad’s Plus: speed – so much so that we came up with the slogan “Need it fast? Rapitrad…your choice”-and our clients have always rewarded us for the quality of our translations, on time or with deliveries at the speed of light!” and concludes: “It is our desire to keep the site constantly updated and to respond to every need. Stay tuned!”

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